Awardco Integrates with Amazon Business

Awardco & Amazon Business: Like PB & J

Awardco has integrated with Amazon Business to provide the largest reward network in the world to customers. Now employees can experience truly rewarding recognition by selecting rewards they actually care about instead of being limited to a small catalog of items—and employers can offer this network with zero markups! Sound too good to be true? It's not!

Awardco offers a modern solution to the outdated and uneconomical practices of the current recognition industry. The Awardco platform incorporates new technology designed to eliminate extraneous costs, redirect rewards budgets toward employees, and simplify the recognition process altogether. 

"High product markups and limited product selections have been killing the employee recognition industry. We want to improve the overall employee experience at work. Awardco provides the ability for companies to manage all recognition and incentive programs on one platform with advanced budget controls while offering a wider variety of products through Amazon Business." — Steve Sonnenberg, Awardco CEO

By integrating with Amazon Business, Awardco presents a rewards program unique to the industry by offering a new level of convenience and variety to employees everywhere. Think of it like the sliced bread of the Employee Recognition industry! Organizations across the world are excited about this opportunity, and it is transforming the recognition industry as we know it.

What Can Amazon Business Do For You?

  • A FREE Amazon Business account
  • Access to millions of products from Amazon Business
  • No markups
  • Fast, convenient shipping from Amazon Business
  • The largest, most comprehensive award network currently available
  • A custom-branded site for rewards and recognition
  • Detailed financial reports

Meaningful Employee Recognition

Giving employees an exceptional recognition experience has never been easier or more rewarding, and we mean it. Recognition shouldn't be an afterthought—it should be the sustenance your organization feeds on to increase engagement, improve company culture, and help employees lead better lives. With Awardco's integration with Amazon Business, you can achieve all of that.  



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